The Union’s objects are the advancement of education of Students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for the public benefit by:

  • promoting the interests and welfare of Students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama during their course of study and representing, supporting and advising Students

  • being the recognised representative channel between Students and the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and any other external bodies

  • providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of its Students

  • fostering and encouraging freedom of speech and taking measures to encourage and build a student community which celebrates the diversity of its members


All students of RWCMD are automatically members of the Students’ Union unless they choose to formally opt out of membership.




Music and Drama Students’ Union Limited is the commercial arm of the Students’ Union. It was set-up in the summer of 2000 to allow us to channel all commercial activity through a company limited by guarantee whilst protecting the charitable status of the Union.

Currently, Madsu has three main areas of activity: Your College Bar, your SU Shop and the Summer Production, including the End of Year Ball.

All profits generated by commercial activity are transferred, annually through a Deed of Covenant, to the Students’ Union. These resources are used to enhance the holistic student experience of RWCMD students and to further develop the work of the Union.

The Officer Trustee is the Chair of the Board of Directors and the Union’s Chief Executive is the Company Secretary.

Madsu Limited is Registered with Companies House (04046865) and makes Annual Returns (including filing Company Accounts).


The Union operates under a constitution approved by the SU ExecStudent Council, Annual General Meeting and the College’s Board of Directors. The Constitution is the Union’s official rule book and contains several references to Legislation, including the Education Act.


Charitable Status

The Students’ Union is Registered with the Charity Commission (1144245) and makes Annual Returns to the Commission.



RWCMD Students’ Union is officially affiliated with NUS (and its devolved sub-body NUS Wales), a voluntary membership organisation who represent the interests of more than seven million students. They are the primary voice of students on a national level, giving them the leverage to effectively influence governmental policy.