The National Union of Students is a voluntary membership organisation who represent the interests of more than seven million students. They are the primary voice of students on a national level, giving them the leverage to effectively influence governmental policy. 

Around 600 students’ unions (over 95% of the country’s higher and further education unions) are affiliated, including our own.

The NUS holds an annual National Conference where NUS policy is decided. Each year we have the opportunity to have one delegate present at conference who has voting rights (this is usually the SU President). Our Union also has the ability to submit motions to the conference to be discussed and voted into policy on a national level.

Although the NUS is the central organisation for all affiliated unions in the UK, there are also devolved national sub-bodies including NUS Wales.


NUS Wales is the largest democratic organisation in Wales, representing over a quarter of a million students. Local and National Government, the Media, Industry, Trade Unions, Pressure Groups and Voluntary Organisations all recognise and respect NUS Wales as the collective voice of students in Wales.

Similar to the NUS National Conference, NUS Wales holds their conference yearly and it works in much the same way (with one delegate with voting rights and the ability for our SU to submit motions).

NUS Wales and our Students’ Union aim to maintain a good relationship and our union is supported through training and regular contact.