Entrepreneurial students at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama manage a student-led Repertory Company geared to promote youth entrepreneurship.


The  enterprise project allows student performance projects to operate under the single banner of RepCo – Repertory by Entrepreneurial Performers Company. Based on a social enterprise model, the student led arts company gives those involved in the projects an opportunity learn ‘on the job’ by running a real business, as well as providing support and guidance for performances.  They benefit from advice from internal and external experts and advisers from both the arts and business.

The RepCo advisory board (consisting of college staff key to planning and delivering productions) receive bids from students hoping to organise student performances, and approve and support these bids through all stages. The College gives over its main performance spaces during one week every term and the subsequent termly RepCo Festival sees a wide range of performances led, resourced and managed by students.

Although not always immediately aware of it individually, Music and Drama students are, by their very nature, entrepreneurial, and will often graduate into multi-portfolio freelance careers. We are really pleased that we were able to find a mechanism to release these entrepreneurial skills whilst enhancing students’ learning experience through a model relevant to their studies. I am very excited about the prospect of an in-house student arts company, which enhances our students’ entrepreneurial knowledge and experience and, at the same time, provides a platform for student performances.
— Brian Weir,Director of Student Services and SU Chief Executive

If you are interested in learning more about RepCo, or if you are a student at RWCMD and want to become involved, then contact Student Services.