Meet The Team

Through annual elections, you have the opportunity to decide on who represents you.

These Officers form the SU Executive Committee and meet weekly, but they are answerable to you and are formally held to account at course board and student council meetings.


Lloyd Pearce

PRESIDENT & Officer Trustee

Hello everyone and welcome to RWCMD! My name is Lloyd Pearce and I will be your SU President this year. Last year, I was voted in to be the SU President and I’m very honoured to have been voted back for one final year! I’m looking foward to the new year starting with more student voice, more events and more good times. A brief insight to my job. I deal with everything! I look after you, I’ll listen to your problems, I represent your voice at every level. I talk 1-2-1 with all staff to ensure that you are having the best experience possible here in Cardiff. Personally, I studied the Bass Trombone here for 6 years and still freelance when I’m not working here! I love rugby, watching sports, even pick up a book now and again without pictures! If you see me, come and say hi. If there’s anything I can do, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help you. My main and only concern is you! Right enough of that, see you Sunday 16th!




Hi I’m Julia, VP for Music! I’m a fourth year string player (Full time violin, part time viola). I can often be seen in the SU for essential practise tea breaks, essential naps and essential pints. If there’s anything that you’re not sure about or you think could be better, just give one of us a shout. Here’s to Fresher’s, can’t wait to meet you all!


Sioned Evans


Hi guys, my name is Sioned and I’m your postgraduate VP! I did my four-year undergraduate music course here as a pianist and I’m currently in my second year on the Mmus Collaborative Piano Course. So yes, I am technically in my 6th year of being in College so by now, this place feels like home. I grew up on a little farm in South West Wales, i love being outdoors and I adore animals, especially dogs, dogs are amazing. As well as dogs, I love music, food, cider, wine and musicals. I am always in College (always in Snape’s Voice) from 8am-8pm most days. I always have time for a cuppa or a pint at the end of the day and i love to chat if anyone has any questions, queries or would like to rant – I’m your gal. Have a cracking Fresher’s guys, welcome to the Royal Welsh Family.


Isaac Shieh

Vice President – International

Hello! I’m Isaac, your international VP for 2018/19! As a Kiwi who was born in Hong Kong and lived in Oz before moving to Wales. I’m currently completing my MMus specialising on period horn. In another word, where I’m from is a really confusing questions for everyone and what I’m really doing is applied plumbing. I never chose the horn to begin with. I simply wanted to wear the handsome band uniform in my primary school, and the music teacher at the time gave me a horn. I didn’t think about the natural horn until my teacher persuaded me to play it in my 2nd year recital. At that moment I realised that the natural horn gives me an excuse to play with “alternative” intonation and “unique” tone so as cheesy as it sounds, the horn chose me. Aside, from music, I enjoy playing bowls since it’s a sport that lets me drink alcohol while I play. In an effort to improve my trivia skills that will be handy on trivia nights, I’ve started reading articles on flat earth theory and climate change denial Facebook post to broaden my knowledge about the world we live in.


Charly Brookman

Vice President - Drama

Hi I’m Charly, a 3rd year Stage Management and Technical Theatre student and the SU VP for Drama. I joined the SU Exec to help change things for students in the college using both mine and friends experiences over the last 3 years. Being a stage manager means i work with multiple departments across College and gives me a really interesting insight on College life. Having grown up just 20 mins away from Cardiff and being a Welsh Speaker means I’m very passionate about the College’s status within Wales and helping students gain an insight into the huge cultural scene and traditions in Wales.



Brian Weir

Chief executive and company SECRETARY.