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Everything seems to be online these days. Have you forgotten the web-link to book a room? Do you want to know how to set-up college email on your smartphone? Maybe you can’t remember the password for College Wi-Fi? Hey, it might even be that you want to find out how to print or photocopy? 

Next time you can’t remember how to access any of the systems, simply come back here and all the information will be in one place as a gentle reminder!

If you experience any problems with the RWCMD Computing Facilities facilities you can contact the Information Systems Department who will be happy to help.

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ASIMUT is the college’s room booking system.


You have the ability to book rooms up to 7 days in advance and most students are allocated 3 hours a day.

If you want to keep informed on the go (using a computer, tablet or smartphone) you can easily subscribe to your ASIMUT calendar by following these instructions.


More information about ASIMUT is available on the College’s intranet.



You can access your college emails using any browser by visiting

 To access college emails on a Smartphone use the following settings:

Email: your college email address

Account Type: Microsoft Exchange


For Blackberry’s this is often

Domain: rwcmd

Username: your email address without the

Password: your college password




The College charges for printing in all open access suites.

To check your printing balance, double click on the pound symbol in the task bar, this will display a window with your account details.

When you print from any program i.e Word, Excel etc, a popup window displays what is about to be printed, the number of pages, the cost and the amount of credit that you have.  At this point you can choose to print the document or cancel the print job.

If you continue printing, but do not have enough credit to print all the pages, the document will not be printed and a popup window will inform you.


Crediting your account

You can credit you printing account at the Library issuing desk.  Members of staff do not have to pay to credit their account.


Printing Costs

The cost of printing is 5p per side of A4 sheet black and white


Printing Problems

Printers are often busy and it can take a short while for your document to be printed.  If you press print and nothing happens, do not press print again.  If you press print more than once you will be charged for all the print jobs you send to the printer whether intentional or not.


If in any doubt, please contact a member of the IS Department via



Accessing the RWCMD Wireless Network 

The RWCMD Wireless Network provides access to the internet using portable devices. Only staff and students of the college with an RWCMD email address and password may use the Wi-Fi.  If you do not have an RWCMD email address then please contact IS Support in room A3.09.

To access the RWCMD Wireless Network:

Connect to an  RWCMD Wireless access point.  The access point uses WPA pre-shared key encryption and the password is: rwcmdwireless

Once connected to the access point, open a web browser and visit any website e.g.

You will be  automatically redirected to the RWCMD Wireless Network login page.

Enter your RWCMD e-mail address and password, you must then agree to the College’s Information Systems Regulations.

Click on the ‘Connect’ button to login.


After 15 minutes of inactivity or after 60 minutes of use, Internet access will cease and you will have to log back in to the network.