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We want to ensure that you are receiving any support you may need at the time you need it most. This includes looking after yourself and being healthy. 

In this section you can find information on some of the additional services available to you, including counselling, support for students with specific needs and spiritual well-being. There is also information on staying safe and how to register with a local doctor. Click on the menu options on the left. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for, then simply let us know and we will ensure you get the help you need.



Doctors (GPs)

All students at the College are encouraged to register with a local General Practitioners (GP) Surgery whilst studying with us. It is important that if you are taken ill and need to see a doctor, that you are able to do so quickly and without the need to first go through a process of registration.

For more information on where your nearest doctor’s surgery is, go to NHS Wales where you can also find information on your nearest Dentist, Pharmacy and Optician.

If you normally reside outside the UK and are studying with us for longer than six months, then you will also be able to register for National Health Services (NHS) from the directory above. If you are to be here for a period shorter than six months then you will receive emergency treatment only and so you should ensure that you have appropriate Insurance.



The College provides a free counselling service for all registered students. The service is completely confidential; no feedback is given to any member of the College staff regarding the content of the sessions or the identity of clients.

e | counselling@rwcmd.ac.uk
t  | 02920 391320


Student Support

Student Services offer confidential, professional advice and support to disabled students and those with health conditions or learning differences. Staff are available to discuss any need and are also able to assist with Disabled Students’ Allowances applications and associated support plans, study support, and/or mentoring support.

Once enrolled, students can also access a bank of self-help information on The Hub, in addition to online resources via The Big White Wall (in partnership with the SU).

Student Services are committed to working alongside you during your studies to ensure that your College experience works for you.


Keeping Safe

Being safe, healthy and feeling at ease whilst studying is paramount and we continually strive to ensure that your time in Higher Education is enjoyable, safe and enhancing the complete student experience.

As students we are often seen as easy targets for the less than scrupulous people who live in the city. It is unfortunate but some students will be a victim of crime or have their safety compromised whilst studying; using your common sense and the advice from the South Wales Police will help in reducing the crime rate, making you a less likely target or victim.

We maintain regular contact with South Wales’ Student Liaison Officer – if you would like to speak to the police concerning and non-emergency or confidential issue, then please let us know and we will put you in touch.

There is much more information, advice and support on living safely and being a good member of your local community at Cardiff Digs.



The Chaplaincy is here for everyone; you don’t have to be religious to talk to a Chaplain and the support is available to those of all faiths or none.

Whether you belong to a faith community or not, we offer a safe and confidential place to talk through problems and issues. We’re happy to talk through issues connected to study, work or life in general. 

The Chaplaincy stands alongside the College as a recognised service which is here to support you. Chaplains can also offer specific advice on respecting the beliefs of students or colleagues in situations which may be covered by current Equality and Diversity legislation.

If you would like to speak to a Chaplain we will be happy to come and chat with you formally, over a coffee or off-site if you prefer. 

e | chaplaincy@rwcmd.ac.uk

t  | 01443 654060